May 222012
Blockupy Frankfurt: fotos, video, verslag en reflectie

Yesterday I came back from Frankfurt, the financial centre of Europe, home to the European Central Bank (ECB), where I participated in the demonstrations against the attack on social and economic rights as a supposed solution to the economic crises, against the Austerity Treaty, the ESM, the Troika, the Six Pack, and for a truly [lees meer...]

May 172012
Blockupy Frankfurt news & livestream

Follow the livestream of Blockupy Frankfurt here: livestream Blockupy Frankfurt You can  find almost all articles and news here: The next article about Blockupy Frankfurt was taken from the Gaurdian: ‘Protest against austerity measures such as those imposed in Greece ‘is the fury of refusal, of stifled creation, of indignation’. Now, more than ever, the [lees meer...]