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This letter has been received by , it is an open letter from the Mayor of Amsterdam.



Dear members of the Occupy movement,


Firstly, I would like to thank you for your hospitality and the opportunity you provided on Saturday for an exchange of ideas about the form of your . I very much appreciated the visit and the open way in which we were able to discuss the public nuisance and safety on the .


Your movement has taken up position on the Beursplein since 15 October 2011, and there is a de facto occupation of the communal public space. This form of protest was announced and – seen within its international context – viewed by the municipality as an integral part of your protest. I have had the opportunity to share my concerns and the concerns of local businesses and residents with members of your movement in a pleasant way four times, and you have been willing to listen to these concerns.


The main problems here are peripheral issues such as the use of alcohol and hard drugs, smoke, fire safety, and sanitary conditions. All of this has resulted, mainly because the protest has lasted a long time, in a rising need for a limitation of the disorder, and health protection measures.


In out most recent conversation, last Saturday afternoon, December 3rd, I again conveyed verbally to you which forms of nuisance and which risks relating to fire and health hazards exist, and what measures you should take in response. I indicated at the time that I expect that you share these concerns, and I expressed that I expected concrete improvements from you in the areas of disorder and safety by Monday 5 December at the latest. From my side, I made a number of commitments, such as dealing with drainage, sewage and reinstating cleaning and waste removal services. I have now carried out these commitments. In addition, the police in cooperation with the district, will ensure that from Monday December 6 onwards, there will always be one contact point for issues concerning public order and safety concerns around the Beursplein.


As mayor, I support the right to protest – regardless of content – but I am responsible for public order and safety, and the level of nuisance caused for all inhabitants of Amsterdam, in this case both the residents and businesses in the neighbourhood, and you as demonstrators. You have also indicated that you recognize the existing image of disorder and lack of safety, and have indicated that you are struggling with the peripheral problems, but up to this point I have not seen sufficient concrete, visible improvements on the Beursplein. It is for this reason that I am now formally conveying the below conditions that I am imposing on your protest under article 5 section 2a of the Public Assemblies Act. With a view of the protection of health and to end or prevent further disorder, I set the following conditions:


- 75% of the Beursplein will be cleared and returned to the city;

- a maximum of four persons can spend the night in a space that meets (fire) safety standards, solely for the purpose of guarding the property of the movement;

- waste must be disposed of and the hygienic, sanitary and health conditions must comply with the demands posed by the municipal health service (GGD) in the attached annex, and these instructions must be followed immediately;

- Fire safety may under no circumstances be compromised. The instructions in the attached annex from the fire brigade, among others concerning the pitching, arranging and use of a tent including any installations must be followed immediately;

- the tent must be in compliance with the attached plan from the fire brigade

- alcohol and drugs are prohibited

- no amplified music after 10pm

- with a view to safety on the square, cars, caravans, campers and other temporary constructions must be removed

- instructions from the police must be followed immediately



The fire brigade, police and GGD have offered to advise you on the above conditions and can be approached via the  police neighbourhood director. These conditions are however non-negotiable. Finally, my offer to move the demonstration to the Zuidas still stands, in order to divide the burden over the city. Based on your new notification this temporary location on the Zuidas can then be evaluated. Apart from the second condition, the above conditions still apply to a new location on the Zuidas.


The tenability of the situation on the Beursplein will stand or fall with the prompt and accurate compliance with the conditions, in order to achieve a safe situation which reduces the public nuisance. Therefore I want to give you until 10 am on Thursday 8 December at the latest to comply with the above conditions. On December 8th , officers of the police, fire brigade and GGD will re-evaluate the situation on the square. If the conditions have not been met or have been met insufficiently, I will, as Mayor, together with my partners in security take the necessary measures with a view to the protection of health and the ending or prevention of further disorder.


Yours sincerely,

The Mayor of Amsterdam







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  1. Ik zie hier de aanzet voor ontwikkelen van “publiek gedragen argumenten” om een eind te maken aan Occupy. Het lijkt me erg belangrijk te werken aan charme-offensief. Als vdL zich zorgen maakt kan hij regelen dat er degelijke was/douchefasciliteiten komen want die staan “gereed” vanwege calamiteiten enzo–de politie is er om overlast te voorkomen gezien kennelijk sprake is van een geaccepteerde aktie (bah) etc.Ik weet dat t niet prettig gevonden wordt maar voorspel je alvast dat Occupy sowieso geen betekenis gaat krijgen als de confrontatie uitblijft.Wees creatief!!!! Laat iets gebeuren!!!!!Ik ben t met Julius eens over die bezwaarmogeljkheid tenzij we iets leren van Wilders en kans zien daar een mediahype van te maken—ook tijdens een zitting kan je uitleggen dat je weliswaar bezwaar wil maken tegen dit besluit maar dat de zittende rechterlijke macht niet bevoegd is gezien de verstrengeling met -en in stand houden van- tal van corrupte netwerken–zie de affaire Joris Demmink
    bijvoorbeeld maar er is veel meer te vinden,genoeg om op z’n minst – en terecht-redelijke twijfel te koesteren over wie daar nog wel fuctioneert en zo ja hoe dan.Ik denk dat t aangaan van die procedure zonder media-policy een tegenslag zal geven.

  2. Hij durft het wel te melden!

    Nog een puntje: ik hoor geruchten over een rechtszaak. Dit lijkt mij onverstandig: waarom zou je het bestaansrecht van Occupy afhankelijk maken van het oordeel van 1 man (de rechter) die eigenlijk het systeem vertegenwoordigd dat de 1% fasciliteerd.

    Rechters zweren trouw aan de grondwet. De grondwet van NL is een slecht gelezen document. Toen ik deze wel las begreep ik best dat de status-quo, de heersende macht erbij gebaat is dit zo te houden. Want deze grondwet is gebaseerd op heerschappij, niet op vrijheid. Check zelf:

    De massa sluimert door. Van feest naar feest. Binnenkort komt er weer een speldeprik met het EU-overleg. Toenemende BETAAL-DWANG. De ECB koopt voor miljarden aan staatsobligaties per week. Dat zijn leningen van de Staat met als onderpand de arbeid der onderdanen. Ik waag het moderne slavernij te noemen.

  3. Zeer levendige Sinterklaas! to all of you…A lot of inspiration, also…

  4. The modern society lays its indentity on health and disorder.

    When a memebr of modern society notices any bit of lack of health or order, he or she falls into an state of unsecurity and distress. Thus an argument based on these two topics will always be accepted without an act of overweighting.

  5. 4 mensen op het plein ‘s nachts?
    Nodig de burgemeester uit een nachtje mee te draaien, eens kijken of hij dan nog steeds denkt, dat het genoeg is…

    De peacekeep van afgelopen zaterdagnacht.

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