Nov 192011

Today, on , somebody got arrested for “doing damage to a building”.
She and a group of co-occupiers had been making a reverse graffiti, on the stone foot of a lamppost.
A “reversed graffitti” means that words are made on a filthy background by cleaning it in the shape of letters, in this case with a toothbrush and environmentally friendly soap.
The arrest was unproportional, and the officer arresting her refused to answer when he was asked for his name.


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  1. Het is een schande, Hoe een koe een haas vangt… met een tandeborstel zeker ? Wat denkt die politie wel!!

  2. The workers of babylon are stappling more and more facts for to be judged on the big day of Judgement! So wipe your tears arrested woman and all of those mistreated by babylon!

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